New "Bacon Power" Shirts in Honor of Nicholas

It's not a secret!  Nicholas loves bacon!  Every single hospital visit, every month he looks forward to seeing the bacon chef at every hospital!  It's the way he comforts himself, and frankly keeps some weight on his body.  

We love Nicholas!  In honor of him we worked with a great graphic designer, and a local, popular T-shirt company to print the "Bacon Power" shirt!  100% of the T-shirt sales will go to fund MPS II Research (Hunter Syndrome)!  We've been sending our research funds to Nationwide Children's Hospital to help gene therapy research move forward.  We really need a clinical trial to start soon. Many of the children with Hunter Syndrome continue to decline with no treatment options to treat their central nervous system (CNS).  Research holds great promise! 

You can support this research by buying a T-shirt here: